Friday, October 16, 2009

my shining light of life

You are

i see Your radiant smile
as You lean in to kiss me,
kisses insanely passionate,
melting me into Your arms

i hear Your soft, sensual voice
as You tell me You love me,
words sincere and soothing,
words with no meaning,
until You

i see Your sparkling eyes
shine their gaze on me,
no words needed
as they assure Our life together

You are the peace and calm
i desire
You are the strength of soul
i admire
You are the passionate lover
i crave
You are all that
i need

i love You

© ~wicked~

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

UPC girl....

(no disrespect to my hot GF but she knows.....when i have to write, i have to write - this piece inspired on the streetcar coming home today)....

UPC girl....

let me 'price-check' you, girl
with your little tight grey plaid dress,
sexy black pumps

UPC tatt?
film strip tatt?
can't explain....

just know this....
i see sexy pumps
flow into
endless delicious legs
flow up


Monday, August 24, 2009


P!nk’s song “Oh My God” compels this piece from me today….

small scream escapes
my lips as i feel the lasting sting
inside of my thigh
followed by a soft loving kiss

Her intense deep brown eyes,
a hint of dominating seriousness
telling me all i need to know…
to do as She asks
or else

these moments of playful pain
i’ve grown to
all in the same

i marvel endlessly at how perfect
She is
for me;
how She knows exactly what i crave…
what i need…

and when.

Her passions consume
my every pore;
passions that run crazy wild
yet tender when needed,
all for this insatiable soul

left purely exhausted,
yearnings again rise
as Her touch grazes my body,
Her kiss reawakens
lagging energies once more

as night flows into
morning hours
of sleep


Sunday, August 16, 2009

missing her

my mind wanders aimlessly
lost in a haze
of thoughts
trying to figure out
all these inebriating emotions
so unexpected
so not prepared for

lying in my big bed alone
empty now
empty and naked
like my heart and soul,
two parts of me
missing her madly….
this missing thing so insane!

the wall writings are clear
what is happening here
yet she knows i still hold back
for unknown reasons
despite not wanting to
as fear remains a
forceful enemy

as tears slide from my eyes
i hold “Rose” in my hand
to find that energy,
that strength
from this smooth little piece
of her world, like her shirt
now covering my nakedness

restless sleep finally finds me
only to wake to emptiness
once again,
reaching out to no one
craving her soft hands touching me
feeling her warm skin wrapped
in spoon-fashion behind me

counting the minutes
‘til this emptiness
will be replaced once again
by her presence in my life
hoping i, one day,
will release the fear
of love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

one night


“Halo” is playing on the stereo.
her arms around me, now move
gently away from me.
in place, her strong hands, long fingers,
caressing every part of me,
outside, inside, everywhere.
while warm, wet, desirous kisses
sweep the soft curves of
this wanton vessel of
flesh, blood, soul, breath.

body heat rises, breath hastens to
lustful reactions at even
the mere thought of her touch,
her savouring of me.
every single lonesome molecule
rises to the occasion as
electrifying vibrations shudder
from head to curling toes.

desires remain uncontrollable to this
shared lust and hunger between us.
two bodies, bathed in the wetness of
sensual, carnal sex tinged with the
subtle delicacy of making luv
as time escapes us in these
tranquil moments of pure bliss.

when she finally releases me,
an overwhelming demand of
tears escape this sated soul,
a moment of weakness in this
afterglow of exhaustion.
the complexities of this emoting
not understood as tangled feelings
of joy and sadness leave me
curling into her warmth for comfort.

© ~wicked~

***Luv Me In The Morning***

Sunday, July 5, 2009

sexual tension

i feel her heat,
her passion,
her hunger
with each stare
of her eyes
upon me

my heart races
body weakens
face blushes
to insane images of her


her curiosity of exploring me is
not quite understood
by me…..
i continue to
what drives this intense interest in


this ‘thing’ as we call it,
a game between friends,
a fun game
a dangerous game

where hearts can

where jealousy can


this game can bring
pure joy
unbridled passion
sated exhaustion

only time will tell
how the game will play
© ~wicked~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


she spins a delicate web of

luring me to her lair of

disquieting visions my constant companion
body trembling
heart pounding
breath quickening

feeling her every touch through my

every nerve of my body alive

true reality

jolting me back savagely expelling



her seductive interest like a hammer

devilish sparkling eyes smiling away my

with strong yet gentle hands she

as she knows it’s only a



© ~wicked~

euthanasia of my heart

(written during a low ebb in my of many)

broken dreams befall me nightly, wrenching me from sleep in tears,
i lay trembling in constant disquiet as only a trace of your scent
remains in the room…on my pillow…in my bed

regrets finally succumb to the stubbornness
of my will that allowed me to survive it all so far…
but can no more…the toll too great

weakness has now settled into this once
lusty woman with mischievous, sparkling eyes
and the smile of dreams

life of these dreams now relinquished
to countless signs of things not as the words whispered
within bedroom walls, sated arms, soft kisses

in the end, given all of me, nothing will matter…
decisions made long ago…decisions that are not mine
“lies and betrayals” the victor

the despairing…inconsolable fallout will not matter
you will be long gone…far away from it all…away from me
no need to look back…no more worries

others left to pick up the shattered pieces
as only bright stars ahead for you now...
a new life…new adventures…new love

as night befalls once again, the fear of tortured sleep comes quickly
heart lays bleeding beside me…watching in horror it's last breath
fade from its endless struggles

© ~wicked~

Monday, June 22, 2009

thoughts of a friend

note to muse for this piece: stays up this time since you've already saved it :
and yes, i changed something minor ;-)

who is she?
not too sure
at times

the complexity of her
confuses me
yet exhilarates me
at the same time

the simplicity of her
keeps me calm
in times of need

always there
from day one and beyond
regardless of her own

through all the shit
all the bad moods
all the psychotic emotional meltdowns
the roller coaster ups and downs
the hot and cold sexual games

in that form, yes i am a player
not on purpose
just because…
my own uncertainties
keep me off balance

we’ve danced this game before
she and i
but i ran….

scared turned to angry
angry turned to disconnection
more angry with myself
than her

disconnection from her
and many others
provided a cleansing
like a purging of the soul

to find myself again
as i…

too lost to live
too sad to breathe
too angry to participate
in life

still there
at the end of it all

with a good heart
comforting soul
hints of adventures
to be had

where do i stand now?
i remain convicted
to keep the balance
between us

craving things
i dare not speak of

that fine line not be crossed
as it would be far too easy
to fall into emotions
dangerous for both

this friendship
not to be lost again


Monday, June 15, 2009

it's finally over....

the ending has been long coming but, i, like an idiot, have taken her back too often until there was nothing left of me
but it's...finally...done now
my final ending with her
i, told often by others, behaved erratic and 'not normal' while i was with her and when i'm not with her, i'm a better person...or so i'm told
but, i must be, because i FEEL different
i can breathe
i can be me
the me with laughter, calm and serene soul, clear mind, less stress

i wrote this piece not too long after i took her back last summer but it still conveys a good part of me only this time, pure relief can be added...

“i has a sad…”

no smile
to be found
no laughter
echoing through the air

confusion reigns
deep within the shreds of my soul

shreds from
too many failures

a failure

obscure the tunes
she brought to my ears
i once so loved

now painful memories
of connection gone sour


was this our last hoorah?

no answers for me
only questions

no questions answered
no words
complete silence
for too many days now

fade away
within this silence
in my dark corner
of every room
of my soul

i’ve done wrong
but so has she

no explanation anticipated
for i, too, remain silent
in my pain

forced alone
to deal with my inner demons

forever haunting me
© ~wicked~

Friday, June 12, 2009

society's creation

the bitch...

you created that now seethes
with sequestered anger

as she slithers

amongst the filth of the earth

to spew her venom,

like the serpent's poison,

unto unsuspecting man

who feels he is the innocent one when,

in truth,

it is he who has created her;

with his fists of anger

despite innocent truths told;

malignant words of degradation

slung carelessly

like shards of broken glass;

fits of temper

annihilating precious possessions;

flaunting bed sheets

of animalistic conquests,

not with her;

unrelenting promises not kept,

gifts abolished,

empty quotes of love finding deafness,

undaunting prowess

forced on unwanting orifices

that innerly screamed

at the mere touch,



too many years
the bitch has suffered

from the forces of man,

the selfishness of religion,

the restrictions

of an exclusionary society

all raped upon her,

leaving her bleeding

until the death of her

allows escape

final freedom



© ~wicked~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the skirt...

those legs

curvy legs in
high heels

as you sway that luscious
ass in front of me

with your pretty
floral skirt
with tails that flick
between your walking legs

wishing i could flick
like those tails
only my tail would be
my tongue

naughty girl

with my thoughts

smiling, standing now
behind you
to breathe you in

one last time before

the light turns


and, poof

you are gone

you, a reason why i
love the city
me, this not-at-all

but visions like you
keep me chained to the
downtown core

a brightness to my
dreary day

thank you,
skirt and legs

© ~wicked~
note: my inspiration while trapsing to the bank one day