Monday, August 24, 2009


P!nk’s song “Oh My God” compels this piece from me today….

small scream escapes
my lips as i feel the lasting sting
inside of my thigh
followed by a soft loving kiss

Her intense deep brown eyes,
a hint of dominating seriousness
telling me all i need to know…
to do as She asks
or else

these moments of playful pain
i’ve grown to
all in the same

i marvel endlessly at how perfect
She is
for me;
how She knows exactly what i crave…
what i need…

and when.

Her passions consume
my every pore;
passions that run crazy wild
yet tender when needed,
all for this insatiable soul

left purely exhausted,
yearnings again rise
as Her touch grazes my body,
Her kiss reawakens
lagging energies once more

as night flows into
morning hours
of sleep


1 comment:

  1. finally...that's all i keep thinking...xo