Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i miss Her

i miss Her

so badly
that my body shakes
my eyes well up

as i sit and do my day’s work
my mind

with thoughts of Her
the touch of Her
feel of Her
scent of Her

luscious kisses from Her lips,
the way She randomly takes my hand
to dance
to a slow love song playing on i-Tunes
the way We move together

the way Her eyes
take me in,
all of me,
until i need to melt
into Her

those amazing hands
that caress my skin,
Her sexy fingers
taking liberties that make my heart
want to explode…
my head now dizzy with the thoughts of


this Woman
who loves me like no other
ever has…

my heart belongs to only Her
Our souls connected eternally
for no other love even comes close
to what We share

She and i
Our Love

but days turn into weeks

i miss what We share
i miss You, Baby