Friday, June 12, 2009

society's creation

the bitch...

you created that now seethes
with sequestered anger

as she slithers

amongst the filth of the earth

to spew her venom,

like the serpent's poison,

unto unsuspecting man

who feels he is the innocent one when,

in truth,

it is he who has created her;

with his fists of anger

despite innocent truths told;

malignant words of degradation

slung carelessly

like shards of broken glass;

fits of temper

annihilating precious possessions;

flaunting bed sheets

of animalistic conquests,

not with her;

unrelenting promises not kept,

gifts abolished,

empty quotes of love finding deafness,

undaunting prowess

forced on unwanting orifices

that innerly screamed

at the mere touch,



too many years
the bitch has suffered

from the forces of man,

the selfishness of religion,

the restrictions

of an exclusionary society

all raped upon her,

leaving her bleeding

until the death of her

allows escape

final freedom



© ~wicked~


  1. This is a very well written piece. Although it tells of a horribe story, it also shows your talent as an amazing poet/writer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. it seems i write my best work when my soul feels it's in the pits of hell with demons in control