Monday, June 15, 2009

it's finally over....

the ending has been long coming but, i, like an idiot, have taken her back too often until there was nothing left of me
but it's...finally...done now
my final ending with her
i, told often by others, behaved erratic and 'not normal' while i was with her and when i'm not with her, i'm a better person...or so i'm told
but, i must be, because i FEEL different
i can breathe
i can be me
the me with laughter, calm and serene soul, clear mind, less stress

i wrote this piece not too long after i took her back last summer but it still conveys a good part of me only this time, pure relief can be added...

“i has a sad…”

no smile
to be found
no laughter
echoing through the air

confusion reigns
deep within the shreds of my soul

shreds from
too many failures

a failure

obscure the tunes
she brought to my ears
i once so loved

now painful memories
of connection gone sour


was this our last hoorah?

no answers for me
only questions

no questions answered
no words
complete silence
for too many days now

fade away
within this silence
in my dark corner
of every room
of my soul

i’ve done wrong
but so has she

no explanation anticipated
for i, too, remain silent
in my pain

forced alone
to deal with my inner demons

forever haunting me
© ~wicked~

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