Friday, October 16, 2009

my shining light of life

You are

i see Your radiant smile
as You lean in to kiss me,
kisses insanely passionate,
melting me into Your arms

i hear Your soft, sensual voice
as You tell me You love me,
words sincere and soothing,
words with no meaning,
until You

i see Your sparkling eyes
shine their gaze on me,
no words needed
as they assure Our life together

You are the peace and calm
i desire
You are the strength of soul
i admire
You are the passionate lover
i crave
You are all that
i need

i love You

© ~wicked~

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  1. ...I could not have read this at a better time...I Love You SO much Babe...and will always...XO XO XO XO XO XO XO

  2. Just thoroughly enjoyed browsing your posts.
    Thank you for sharing your poetic works.
    ~doffs cap~

    oh btw, my adult blog is elsewhere, ;-)

  3. ok, so i'm a tad late on this one! holy's been THAT long since i've written something????

    thank you, DK....i like that you likey :-)