Wednesday, July 15, 2009

one night


“Halo” is playing on the stereo.
her arms around me, now move
gently away from me.
in place, her strong hands, long fingers,
caressing every part of me,
outside, inside, everywhere.
while warm, wet, desirous kisses
sweep the soft curves of
this wanton vessel of
flesh, blood, soul, breath.

body heat rises, breath hastens to
lustful reactions at even
the mere thought of her touch,
her savouring of me.
every single lonesome molecule
rises to the occasion as
electrifying vibrations shudder
from head to curling toes.

desires remain uncontrollable to this
shared lust and hunger between us.
two bodies, bathed in the wetness of
sensual, carnal sex tinged with the
subtle delicacy of making luv
as time escapes us in these
tranquil moments of pure bliss.

when she finally releases me,
an overwhelming demand of
tears escape this sated soul,
a moment of weakness in this
afterglow of exhaustion.
the complexities of this emoting
not understood as tangled feelings
of joy and sadness leave me
curling into her warmth for comfort.

© ~wicked~

***Luv Me In The Morning***

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  1. i have now lost my sense of breathing...again... ; ) XO